Relationships can be a tough environment for everyone, especially if you have just started living together. Living together tests the relationship to the max and finds out whether you will both be able to put up with each other’s habits.

If you get it right, you will be one the happiest people, it will complete you as a person.

There are no clear rules when it comes to dating and relationships, because every relationship is different, I have compiled a quick list of 10 things to keep your relationship strong.

So, let’s begin…




compromise image

This may just be one of the most important things in any relationship. The ability to come to a compromise because a relationship should not be one-sided. So, you want to go cinemas and see the new action-packed Steven Seagal movie? Make a compromise and watch her favourite movie one weekend.

Even if you do not like it, they may not like what you are into, but they will do it because they love you.

The ability to talk


two people talking

I feel the ability to be able to talk things out is a real strong point, arguing is never good for any relationship. Once an argument breaks out and the shouting match begins, it’s very hard to stop. Having the ability to sit down and talk things though like adults will help you both build a strong foundation.

If you both have the ability to talk, you can avoid any confrontation a long time before it happens.


I love you, you’re beautiful

i love you beachI know a lot of men really don’t like to show this side of them, but it makes so much of an impact on partners, it really should be used. Telling someone you love them reminds them how much you mean to them. Especially if the man let’s the woman know she is beautiful when she has just got dressed up for a great night out.

Women second guess their looks daily, look how many times they change their clothes, hair, and makeup just to find that perfect look. Many girls take a very long time to get ready so letting them know you appreciate them would make them feel like they are gorgeous.


Date night

date night

We are all very busy with work and private lives, sometimes we do not have the time to do much at all with our partners. Creating a special day for date night can be very beneficial to securing a strong bond between you and your partner. It will remind you both why you love one another. Date night does not have to be every week, you can make it a monthly occasion.

Make a whole day of it, go, and do something fun, something you will both enjoy. Do a fun activity in the daytime and a nice quiet evening meal in your favourite restaurant to finish.

Play dress-up


Every man will respond to a little bit of dress-up in the bedroom department, we all know that, right? A lot of men think women wouldn’t respond the same way if the man was to dress-up, this is absolute utter rubbish! Just because you have seen your partners assets plenty of times before, does not mean you can’t make the effort to wow them all over again. Choosing the right outfit can make you look and feel very sexy.

A lot of relationship therapists would recommend dressing up to re-ignite the sexual relationship between you and your partner. It’s surprising how different an outfit can make you look, try it, and see.