All breakups are hard, not just for you but for the both of you. You are here because you want to know how to make your ex want you back because you think it was a mistake and you love them. Getting back with an ex can be hard because you both know each other’s faults and know what to expect from each other. I don’t know the reasons behind your breakup, but I will tell you some little tips to try and get you back with your ex.

how to make your ex want you back

The breathing room method

Yes, you know exactly what I am going to say, give them room! My reasoning behind this is, they have been with you a while, whether it’s a week, month, or years, you have been around them for a while. Now you have both broken up, you’re not there anymore, so doing the simplest of tasks will be slightly annoying to them because you both used to do these things together, such as brushing teeth or eating breakfast together.

You will be on their minds anyway, trust me on this, they don’t need a huge bombardment of text messages and calls saying you love them, and you are sorry, quite frankly, it’s pathetic. They won’t go and find another love straight away, so please don’t think that, it takes time to find love just look how long it took you two.

If you must send a message, don’t make it an essay, make it short and right to the point. Try not to put hundreds of kisses, you will suffocate them. Just send a simple message in the morning and wish them a great day with just one kiss on the end, nothing else!

The let’s be friend’s method

Okay, this method is quite hard to do when you are head over heels in love with the person, especially when getting back with an ex! What this method can do is find out whether they feel the same about you. There is nothing more annoying than someone you love trying to be “friends” with you.

So firstly, forget about sending any kisses in any text message whatsoever. Pretend that they are one of your best friends, talk about anything but the relationship. Talk about what they are doing today, talk about the weather or upcoming vacation, anything but the relationship, it’s very important. What you are trying to do is talk as general as possible, you wouldn’t admit your love to your friend would you? so don’t do it to them!

What you will find starts to happen is they become responsive to the fact you are not calling them babe, bae, love, darling or sending them kisses like you used to. This will start to become really annoying to them since it feels strange without it, it’s human nature.

Your ex will start to question why you are not sending kisses or calling them by their pet name, this is the exact moment you will know that they feel the same about you. That’s one step closer to getting back with your ex, but don’t get too excited though, there’s still more work to do!

Ignoring method

You have both invested a lot of time in each other for a while, right? Well sometimes on a breakup, your ex-partner will say never contact them ever again. As easy as this might sound, it won’t happen.

Your ex will need to contact you at some point, to collect clothes, ask something, whatever the case may be, they will still need to contact you.

This method requires so much patience and concentration, ignoring the person you love is extremely hard. If you don’t feel you can do this then answer just a couple of their text or calls. If you do decide to do that than just make the replies very short and right to the point.

Your ex will be used to chatting to you daily, when this is taken away from them, it will start to feel like something is missing. When they start complaining about you ignoring them, this is a sign that they do still care. This is a little bit closer to getting back with an ex.

As I said, patience is required with this method. This is because it could be a while before they contact you and being without contact can be very distressing but hang in there.

Have they blocked you?

Have they blocked you on social media and phone? Don’t worry, stay cool and relax, this is normal. Your ex is just telling you that they need a tiny bit of space, you won’t be blocked for long, maybe a couple days or maximum of a week. If you have both been together a while, they will need to talk to you eventually.

You must remember, even if they broke it off, they will still be hurting inside despite the circumstances behind the breakup.

It may be hard but stay strong. Try to avoid the places you both used to visit as this will make you think about them even more.

When they do decide to unblock you, I recommend you try the “Let’s be friends’ method”.